Whats new from Google IO 2022

Google is all set to host its annual I/O 2022 developer event, which will kick off starting today. The event will continue for two days and Google is expected to make some major announcements in terms of both hardware and software.

Here are some short updates from Google IO 2022

  • Multisearch Near Me
  • Immersive View Reveals Building Interiors - Google Maps
  • Google Docs gets automated summarisation
  • No more "Hey Google", new 'Look and Talk' feature is out
  • Google takes a step towards racial equality with Monk Skin Tone Scale
  • LaMDA 2: Google's Most Advanced Conversatioal AI
  • My ads center launched by Google to manage ads that we see
  • Private Messaging - RCS on all devices
  • New Google Wallet
  • Android 13 - Apps optimised for Tablets
  • All new Pixel 6A, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7Pro
  • New Pixel Bude Pro with Active Noise Cancellation & Spatial Audio (with 11 hrs of listening) for $199
  • Google Pixel Watch launches this fall
  • New Pixel Tablet will be launched on 2023