To prevent spam, Apple improves SMS filtering - Introduce 12 subcategories for India

The highlight of the tech giant's plans for 2022 appears to be the unveiling of iOS 16 at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference.

In order to assist consumers in removing spam communications, Apple is probably going to implement 12 filters for India.

The 12 sub-categories include finance, bill payment reminders, e-commerce orders, healthcare messages, government/local body government services, weather, network provider, credit/debit card rewards and others under"Transactions", while offers, coupons, and others can be added under the "Promotions" tab.

The tech giant has released the second developer beta for iOS 16, and one of its standout features is the redesigned messaging interface. This is interpreted as Apple's means of demonstrating to the public its commitment to streamlining SMS-based text communications.

Additionally, the company intends to introduce support for data on the LTE/4G network via iOS 16 for customers of the iPhone and iPad. According to the release notes for iOS 16 Beta 2, Indian iPhone owners will be able to receive notifications from Siri in calendar inboxes and message threads regarding events like railway and cinema ticket reservations. According to the report, users in the US will be able to flag spam communications for carriers using a new Report Junk tool that is only accessible through a limited number of carriers.


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