The world is made up of RLC

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Pravin Kumar
Pravin Kumar

The world of electronics has stepped to mars even when the semiconductor devices came into existence. Life without electronics is pretty difficult in this modern era.

71% of the earth is covered by aquatics, 29% is covered by Electronics

Now we read, now we are under the fan, lightened with lux all because of electronics around us that is basically,

  • Resistor (R)
  • Capacitor (C)
  • Inductor (L)

Fan winding is made up of inductance, to start the fan we use a capacitor which is basically called as a condenser in a cylindrical shape. To control the speed we use a resistor ( in olden days). Hence these three components are collectively called as RLC.

Electronics may live without electricals but electricals cannot hold without electronics. For example, when we are using transformers in generations side we never use it until protection devices are active which is basically electronic devices.

Do you know why we termed as electronics instead of protonics?

Because the mass of the electron is less than proton so we require only minimum energy to move the electron. Everything is made up of electronics. The phone, computer, TV, washing machine, fan regulator, water heater, etc.

Innobox kit will make us learn the basics of these RLC circuits. As it is a basic of electronics the knowledge of these will make us design a circuit, solve a problem, and to make more creative electronics projects

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Picture perfect cropping with hotspots

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Naveen Kumar
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