All about Nothing phone (1) - expectations

The enigmatic start-up Nothing, founded by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has maintained a low profile since its introduction in late 2020. Nothing Phone (1) is all set to launch globally, including in India, on July 12.

Many Android lovers have already taken an interest in Nothing Phone. Pei helped popularise the OnePlus brand in the West and inspired optimism for a comparable flagship-defeating device. Nothing Phone (1), is now confirmed to be coming this summer – and is in fact already on sale. Sort of. And not for the US or Canada.

But what exactly is the Nothing phone (1) and how is it different from other Android phones?

  • Flashing for notifications
  • Flashing in distinct patterns in time to a number of pre-set ringtones and notification alerts
  • Glowing around the charging coil when reverse wireless charging
  • Slowly filling the bottom bar when using wired charging, as a battery indicator
  • All illuminating at once as a fill light when using the camera
  • This phone will support 45W charging speeds
  • All new Nothing OS

The two main cameras on the vertical pill-shaped island of the Nothing Phone 1 are situated adjacent to a microphone and a spotlight. There is presently no information available regarding the cameras' lenses.

The Nothing phone (1) features somewhat of a transparent design on the back, where elements from the phone’s internals make up a large chunk of the visual elements. A red recording light that pulses on and off while the phone is capturing video is located across from the cameras on the right side of the phone's rear. With an intriguing arrangement of notification LEDs on the back panel, the Nothing Phone (1) has a really unique appearance.

Marques Brownlee, a tech YouTuber who goes by MKBHD, on Tuesday uploaded a video showing his hands-on impressions of the upcoming Nothing phone (1).

Pei spoke the most about the phone's Nothing OS software, which he promises will be “built on an open and seamless ecosystem that will effortlessly connect and integrate Nothing products and products from other world-leading brands.”

The phone (1) is expected to be priced around Rs 40,000, which places it in the mid-premium tier.

The Nothing phone (1) will have a little environmental impact because it is made of "100% recyclable aluminium" and "over 50% bio-plastic and recycled sources in the plastic components."