Flic Twist kicks Google and Alexa voice commands

When google and Amazon promotes the voice commands features, there comes a big problem on privacy. Flic Twist is a modern dial type switch which makes to control all smart devices through it. This product is brought you by Shortcut Labs.

Flic Twist is a beautiful dial and smart button. It enables you and your family to control your smart home devices using simple interactions rather than voice commands, apps, or explanations.

The Flic App for iOS and Android is only required when you set up your Flic Twist for the first time, and if you want to change your settings later. All settings that you make in the app are stored locally in the Flic Hub.

Shortcut Labs is a dedicated team of 14 with many years of experience in hardware and software development and with multiple products launched.

This has been posted on In just 7 days it has raised $704,245 by nearly 3,640 backers. This will continue to grow .

The company plans to deliver it by June 2022.