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Pravin Kumar
Pravin Kumar

Many confuses with the polarity of LED Which is cathode? Is flat edge positive or the negative one?

Light Emitting Diode:

In basic a LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, is a solid-state electronic device that converts electrical current to light.Because LEDs are electrical diodes, they allow current in the forward bias direction, and block current in the reverse bias direction. An LED’s Polarity refers to this current bias.

An LED must be installed in a circuit using the correct polarity. Otherwise, current cannot flow, and the device will not generate light. The two terms necessary to define polarity are Anode and Cathode. With respect to diode forward bias, the mnemonic PANIC may be used. Positive Anode Negative Is Cathode. As the mnemonic indicates: in circuit, the LED’s anode must be connected to positive and the cathode to negative.


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    Pravin Kumar
    Pravin Kumar